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Full text of "Deed, Martin Cooley of Deerfield to Martha Barstow of Sunderland, 1789"

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To all People to whom thefe Prefents fhall come : Greeting 

NOW YE, That ^^, ^^ -^^^ ^f^^'^^y^J^ 0^ 

For and in confideration'of the Sum of ^t>^35^^^-^/^ '^ " 

current Money of the Commonwealth aforefaid, to -^^^-^ j^ -^ ^--^ 

the enfealing hereof, by t-'^ ^-^^^ >2^^ ^^^a^Z^-^^^^^-^^,^^/) 



in Handjpaid before 


the receipt whei-eof »/ do hereby acknowledge and T^^yJ^^'^^^^^^^'^^'^^^ 

fuMyJaiLsfied, contented and paid, HAVE given, granted,bargained, fold, aliened, rcleafed, con- 
veyed and~coIlfirmed, and by thefe Prefents, dojreely, clearly and abfolutely mvs, grant, bargain, 
fell, alicne, releafe, convey and confirm, wx\x^~~K^^ the faid <x/%^>--'^^?i>p .j^^t^-^y^^^^- ' 

>?•''>- — Heirs and Afligns forever, ^^^ — ^ 

7^>^^ /f;^,^ ♦^^^^ 


<,^ ^Zt^f^^z^^y 

^' ^^^/^' ^d. ^^Jr^ ff^^^\&j^-f^^ '■■' 



.f*^'- *^':^^.i'/^ (f ^^.:, 


/U^/T l^-»T.-V X'll'*'! 

"2^ ^-/j 



^;.L'l y^^' 

^pi-mt^y iy/*-'y*-y ^><5' *y''^: 





^;;;^v- Heirs and Affigns : To"] 

pcrUfe, Benefit and Behoof forevermore. 

own pro- 

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the before granted Premifes, with the Appurtenances and 
Privileges thereunto belonging, to ;<$I*.' the faid ^-^^J^U-^^^s. ^^^o^^;;^^^ 

,'»^v and '/>^^ 

i.nd »/ the faid *.;>%.^T^^ i^ .'-tf^y -ft 

Heirs, Executors and Adminifrrators do Covenant, 

■ l4eirs and Affigns forever. That before 
the true, fole, proper and lawful Owner and 
I the appurtenances. And have in ■•>'>-»^^^;A>^ .-— — 
good Right, full power and lawfiAuthority to give, grant, bargain, fell, aliene, releafe, 
convey and confirm the fame as aforefaid ; «' that free and clear, and freely and clearly executed, 
acquired and difcharged of and from all Wner and other Gifts, Grants, Bargains, Sales, Leafes, 
Mortgages, Wills, Intails, Joyntures, Do\^K^Thirds, Executions, and Incumbrances whatibver. 

^ AND Furthermore, /""M ikid ^-^^t"^ ^ ^-^y ~ _- - ^=i- 

for '«^^^ /^^ ^^-f Heirs, Executors [and Adminiftrators, do hereby Covenant, Promife and 

Promife and Grant unto and with the faid 

and until the enfealing hereof, ^ >*- '^-» 

Pofleffor of the before-granted Premifes, wi 

Engage the before- granted Premifes, with |fe -Appurtenances, unto ^^-^ 
the faid c /^^>^^^^ ^/•^.rffv^ 

/-"^^ Heirs and Ai^gns forever, to Warrant, Secure and Defend ag^ft 
the lawful Claims and Demands of any Perfol or Perfons whatfoever. In Witnefs whereof, <i/^ 
have hereunto fet ^rr^^ Hand 4ind Seal , this %/tt^^'.t->^^ ^ Dajr of 

^L^ in the Year of our Lord, or & Thoufand feven Hundred and Eighty ;?i-v-v^f 

Signed, fealed and delivered, 
in Prefence of 


^nULC ^ -CU/ZH 





y^^-hi-jS-A- ^Jl**^